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EndyMed Radio Frequency 3Deep

EndyMed Radio Frequency 3Deep Facial & Body Skin Tightening

With unique concentric electrodes and 3DEEP-focused RF technology, ENDYMED body tightening and contouring treatments provide truly incomparable deep volumetric heating exactly where it’s needed to offer quick and clinically effective solutions for amazing results with long-lasting effects.

Radiofrequency treatments are the best non-surgical solution to lift and define the jawline, under the chin, and neck. Jawline and neck tightening and contouring also restore balance to facial features by defining and framing facial features. 3DEEP treatments can also be extended to treat lines and wrinkles on the upper chest.

3DEEP technology provides volumetric heating which results in maximum efficacy for reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, lifting the eyelids, and reducing under-eye bags.

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What This Service Treats
  • Facial Tightening (Jawline & Neck)
  • Eye Lift/Tightening
  • Arms Tightening
  • Buttocks Tightening
  • Thighs Tightening
  • Knees Tightening

EndyMed Radio Frequency 3Deep Body Contouring

The Contour, powered by 3DEEP RF combined with an electronically controlled modulated pulsed vacuum, lifts 15mm of tissue into the handpiece’s vacuum cap, allowing for an enhanced heating depth of up to 26mm, significantly increasing the energy delivery and volumetric heating of the treatment area for deeper heat penetration and superior results.

There are many treatments that claim to improve the appearance of cellulite, but only ENDYMED Cellulite reduction treatments provide the clinically proven results your patients want without surgery or downtime.

Contour treatments can be customized to target cellulite at any stage and in any area of the body with comfortable treatments that require no downtime. The Contour’s unique tissue lifting effect and energy output are completely customizable for each patient and achieve higher treatment temperatures that target fat cells, melting the fat cells under the tissue to improve the appearance of cellulite.

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What This Service Treats
  • Cellulite Reduction Contouring
  • Flanks Contouring
  • Abdomen Contouring
  • Buttocks & Thighs Contouring

EndyMed Radio Frequency 3Deep Intensif Microneedling 

The EndyMed Intensif RF Microneedle system combines microneedling and radiofrequency technology to reach deeper layers of skin and improve overall skin texture on the face and body. The highly precise treatment transmits heat into the skin to trigger a healing response, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and scarring for all skin types.

EndyMed Intensif RF is minimally invasive and requires little downtime. The treatment differs from traditional microneedling in a few ways: EndyMed Intensif’s gold-plated tapered microneedles require fewer passes over the skin’s surface, meaning a shorter session time, and the microneedles are much smaller, resulting in minimal discomfort.

During the treatment, the tool glides smoothly over the skin and penetrates to deeper layers of the dermis for optimal collagen production. The treatment creates microscopic punctures in the skin, which leads to a healing response. The punctures aren’t typically visible, so patients can resume most normal activity, though some dryness or peeling is expected.

Though results may be visible within weeks, patients should schedule a series of treatments to see optimal effects.

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What This Service Treats
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Body

EndyMed Radio Frequency 3Deep Fractional Skin Resurfacing 

ENDYMED’s Fractional RF technology provides safe, comfortable treatments with superior results. By combining our innovative Fractional RF technology with 3DEEP deem dermal heating, ENDYMED offers the perfect solution for facial lifting and tightening.

Fractional ablation with the superior penetration depth of 3DEEP deep heating, together with Intensif RF Microneedling technology provides the most effective and complete skin resurfacing and rejuvenation for all skin types.

The Intensif’s unique smooth gliding needle insertion motion together with the FSR’s fractional ablation and 3DEEP deep volumetric heating provide easy, safe, and comfortable treatments with minimal downtime.

Real-time skin impedance monitoring provides optimal RF energy to the treatment target area by making continuous adjustments based on tissue impedance. Fractional treatments are the most effective solution for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, deep wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, acne scar, traumatic scar, stretch mark reduction, texture improvements, and pore size reduction.

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What This Service Treats
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Body

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The Process

  • 1
    Cleanse Skin
    We cleanse your skin to remove all foreign particles.
  • 2
    Apply Topical Numbing Ointment
    We apply a topical numbing ointment to make the procedure more comfortable. The numbing starts working with 30-45 minutes.
  • 3
    Remove Numbing
    We remove the numbing ointment to prepare for the second cleansing.
  • 4
    Cleanse Area Again
    We cleanse the area again to remove all foreign particles.
  • 5
    Perform Treatment
    We perform the treatment.
  • 6
    Apply Post-Care Products and Discuss Aftercare
    We apply post-care products and educate you on aftercare

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Sarah Skillett, RN, BSN is the only practitioner in the Midwest to offer InstaTox™ which Instantly Tightens, Smooths, and Lifts. This procedure utilizes Botox® or Dysport® for amazing results in tightening and lifting eyelids, under eyes, brows, neck, and other areas.

– Sarah Skillett